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Stump Removal - Lawn Care - Tractor Services/Bush Hogging - Gravel/Dirt Spreading services for residential and commercial properties in Rock Hill, Fort Mill, Lancaster, Chester, and Gaffney.

Stump Removal - Lawn Care - Mosquito Control Treatment - Fire Ant Treatment

Residential and Commercial

  • STUMP REMOVAL & GRINDING - We can grind small stumps to large stumps.  Our machine has tracks that hydraulically expand from 48” to 35”, this allows us to be able to enter a 36” narrow fence gate with no problem.   We’ll remove your stumps with a minimum hassle to you and take meticulous care of your property.  Stumps are a safety hazard, hard to cut around, and not esthetically pleasing to look at, let us help you take care of that problem.

  • SHRUB BED & PLANT SWEEPING – Do you have shrubs that have been cut down and they continue to re-sprout?  This is due to not getting the roots ground out & thoroughly removed.  We can clear the planting bed and you will be left all tilled up and ready to re-plant, making your re-scaping project easy!

Lawn Care Service in York County, SC
Flowers at a local garden
  • LAWN CARE – Includes mowing and trimming.  If we don’t have a lawn care service listed that you’re interested in, please ask us and we will be glad to see if we can accommodate your job.  Have your yard looking nice and manicured in no time!

We provide reliable, professional, and affordable service.  Many other companies send out their workers to do the job, with Dunlap Outdoor Solutions you get the owner/operator every time.  We own our own equipment, it is well maintained and ready to perform the job.  No job too small, no job too large.

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