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Dunlap Outdoor Solutions, LLC, is a family-owned  business that specializes in stump removal, lawn care and tractor services. The company serves both South and North Carolina. 

Dunlap Outdoor Solutions is a stump removal company that is licensed and insured. We provide professional, reliable and courteous service for both residential and commercial properties in the Charlotte, North Carolina, Fort Mill and Rock Hill, South Carolina area.


  • STUMP REMOVAL & GRINDING - We can take care of those hazardous stumps in your property. It is important for your own safety and others that you have a professional remove and grind these stumps. Dunlap Outdoor Solutions has the tools and experience to effectively remove them. Whether you have one or multiple stumps to be removed, small or large, Dunlap Outdoor Solutions located in Rock Hill, South Carolina, is the solution for you.  

Dunlap Outdoor Solutions stump grinding machine removing a stump at residential property in York, SC
  • SHRUB BED & PLANT SWEEPING – Have you struggled with those shrubs that continue to re-sprout? Let Dunlap Outdoor Solutions take care of that problem. We will get the roots ground out and thoroughly removed. We can clear the planting bed and you will be left all tilled up and ready to replant. 

  • LAWN CARE – Dunlap Outdoor Solutions can help you with your lawn care needs. Including mowing, trimming, hedging, aerating and over-seeding and more. 

  • TRACTOR SERVICES - Is your backyard grown out of control?  Dunlap Outdoor Solutions provides tractor and bush hogging services. We also can help you with gravel/dirt spreading. 

At Dunlap Outdoor Solutions we take pride in our superb customer service and satisfaction.


For more information or to request a quote, give us a call at: 803-242-0203 or fill out our contact form and one of our representatives will be in contact with you shortly.  Check our services page for more information about what we can do for you!

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The Stump Removal Process at Dunlap Outdoor Solutions

The Stump Removal Process

Dunlap Outdoor Solutions 

Step 1 - We show up on time and unload

We serve both of the Carolinas, call us today for a free estimate

Step 2 - We drive the machine to the stump (s) location and we grind the stump(s)

Stump at a residential area in Fort Mill, SC

Step 3 - The grindings are raked back out, so you are not left with piles of grindings. The area is clean and neat when we are finished.

Residential property area in Rock Hill, SC after stump have been grinded and removed

Step 4 - We appreciate our customers and make sure they are satisfied with each and every job

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